Hal, this forward motion book is fantastic! You know the term "when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive"? I definitely think this is the stuff that I was looking for! Thanks! Mark Turner *** Dear Hal, Hi. I recently watched a video of you teaching someone about playing in 2 instead of 4 and also getting extra energy and emotion out of it. This has changed my life, this concept. You are a fabulous player and teacher. Sincerely, Nina Ott *** ".. as usual, two of the best and most to-the-point classes of the semester." Dave Demsey, Director of Jazz Studies - WILLIAM PATERSON COLLEGE   *** "..thank you for the exciting contribution you made to our students at your recent clinic here. We are still getting comments about the positive impact of your presentation. I was personally inspired by many of your teaching ideas. We hope the opportunity arises to have you visit our campus in the near future." Vince Maggio, Director, Jazz Keyboard Studies - UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI *** ".. you will be carrying with you the thanks of those many jazz musicians who attended your workshop, last week. Not only was your message a profoundly inspirational one, but we found some highly practical suggestions as to how to become empowered to carve out successful careers. We hope that... you can pay us another visit with more on the same subject..." Herb Storfer, President / Chairman - JAZZ FOUNDATION OF AMERICA *** " ...I especially appreciated the professional, yet personalized manner you exhibited towards us and towards the details of your visit. We also very much appreciate your interest in our high school students andthe encouragement you all demonstrated towards them. ...they've responded by taking their playing up a few levels. .. (they) have given you rave reviews. Hopefully we can can have the group back at Milton some day. Bob Sinicrope, Jazz Director - MILTON ACADAMY *** "With my 1992 Jazz Study Fellowship I studied with pianist Hal Galper. Mr Galper is an excellent teacher, ... these lessons really opened me up to a lot of new concepts. ".. I am very Grateful to have had the opportunity to study privately with a master musician of Mr. Galper's caliber. Richard J. Stone, N.E.A - GRANTEE *** ".. my students are still talking about your clinic. They all say it was the most honest and informative lecture we've had at the school. We look forward to having you back." Bob Symer, Band Director - PORTAGE HIGH SCHOOL *** "Jazz Educators find Hal (Galper) for one of the most stimulating clinic/performances experience extant!" Dr. Herb Wong, Past President - INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JAZZ EDUCATORS *** "Hal.. is a wealth of knowledge and is rare in the jazz experience...(he) knows how to give out all the right information. A rare individual indeed!" Jamey Aebersold, Director - SUMMER JAZZ WORKSHOPS *** "Hal's Berklee clinic on performance anxiety... had a fascinating psychological/physiological grounding I rarely find...." Andrew Taylor, Managing Edito- BERKLEE TODAY MAGAZINE *** "...one of the most well crafted, concentrated... workshops on the subject of what happens in a jazz quintet that I have ever witnessed." Win Hinkle, Editor - LETTER FROM EVANS MAGAZINE