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One On One Live Video Lessons With Hal Galper

    Not happy with your playing? Got a feeling like something is not quite right ? That's okay, you'll feel that way for  the rest of your career. Frustration is part of the deal. The one thing that makes you, the student, and I the teacher, equal is that after 50 years of playing, my frustration with my own playing feels just as bad to me as yours does to you. You'll never want to get to the point where you are happy with your playing anyway. That's when artistic growth stops. It is my firm conviction that teaching is truly behavior modification. I've developed my ability to analyze a player's problems by observing their physical, mental and emotional behavior. The techniques I've refined for solving these problem are what my students jokingly call "Jazz Therapy." For more information about how and what I teach visit my "Syllabus" page. To purchase lessons go to the Privacy Agreement page and click on "I Agree " to get to the sign in page Teaching Tesimonials Syllabus Privacy Agreement