Excerpt from Dave Liebman Newsletter

I have always maintained that sports at its best and what we do as improvisers have much in common. I was reading the International Herald Tribune while on tour in Europe (excellent sight to have up when you turn on your browser by the way) and there was an article about a specialist who helps athletes gain a proper frame of mind to compete. This particular article was about the New York Yankees' newest star, Alex Rodriguez. The guy's name is Fannin and he writes the following:"The Zone is defined as the moment your mind operates completely in the now. You're on automatic pilot, in the now, your subconscious mind takes over your conscious thoughts. Your pulse quickens. The adrenaline flows. Your eyes double or triple their shutter speed to give you the illusion that everything around you is in slow motion. You possess super strength. You are graceful with uncanny balance and you appear effortless as you move. Your sixth sense of intuition is armed and operating with supreme knowing. You think with clarity and intelligence. You have the feeling of a purposeful calm, when nothing can go wrong. The Score Performance is: S for self discipline; C for concentration; O for optimism (anything can happen); R for relaxation and E for enjoyment."