Dec 12/2000 I had, earlier this year, firmly decided that I had been opening my mouth too much. That it was time to give it a rest. Also, that if I, someday, ever felt compelled to renounce my newly found reticence toward passionate utterance, I'd at least not accentuate the negative. That being the case, I'd like to acknowledge that the following is the absolute truth. I'm a Berklee College Graduate. I've always unfailingly believed that the benefits reaped from the musical education I received while attending the old school on Newbury street was something I could never have gone without. It has sustained my musical growth since that time. So with that in mind............... Just got latest Berklee Press email newsletter, which began with the greeting "Dear Hal." They're offering two new educational publications that I thought everybody would like to know about. And I quote: "This month, Berklee Press presents a revolutionary new method that teaches you how to play the turntable as a musical instrument. We've also just released the first five volumes of Vital Vinyl-12", high-quality records for scratch mixing. We are giving you all the tools, now make yourself a better DJ." Talk about cutting edge! And as thorough as ever. Check out what you can get! "FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE: 1. "Beat Matching" from the new book TURNTABLE TECHNIQUE: THE ART OF THE DJ * Spinning the Label * Dragging the Platter * Tips 2. TOOLS FOR DJs Releases from Berklee Press *Turntable Technique: the art of the DJ - Learn to play the turntable as a musical instrument *Turntable Basics - A quick-start DJ handbook *Vital Vinyl - Create your own music with original, royalty-free sounds on 12' vinyl" And if they say " Using this first-ever turntable method, techniques and tricks can be mastered quickly and effectively" they mean it. One can only hope that Berklee College, in its wisdom, would consider including this subject as a course in thier curriculum at some time in the not to distant future.